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Brandon Land

Oakland, CA

Artist, Designer, and Illustrator in the Bay Area.

Artist, Designer, and Illustrator in the Bay Area.

Hello! I'm an artist and designer based in Oakland, CA. I originally created this persona, Mr. Chillustrator, as a creative outlet. My intention was to create an account or alias that promotes positivity and good vibes with the occasional self-deprecating joke, in an effort to have fun and avoid taking myself too seriously.

Professionally, I have been helping the Brand Studio team at Dropbox define and evolve our in-house illustration style and brand systems for the last two years. It has been an extremely rewarding experience and I am truly thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with such talented creatives, every day.

My work has also allowed for collaboration with brands and companies such as Airbnb, Collins, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Neenah Paper, Super Deluxe, Century, Uber, and Turner Broadcast.

When not working, I enjoy hanging out with my wife and dog, watching/playing basketball, listening to hip hop, and working on personal comics.